First Public Adhaan (Call To Prayer) In Waltham Forest London

The initial feedback from the first ever public Call to Prayer (Adhaan) in Waltham Forest on Monday 4th May has been overwhelmingly positive from our muslim and non-muslim neighbours alike.

The Adhaan also generated huge amazement among the wider community – videos of the call to prayer spread like wildflower on social media.

In these difficult times of isolation and disconnection, this simple act has had an uplifting effect on huge swathes of the local community. The lock down has meant as a community we have not been able to meet or share our food with our neighbours and community during Ramadan, so instead we shared our prayers, with permission, with our neighbours and community.

We posted a leaflet to all our neighbours on surrounding rounds ahead of time, with a way to give their feedback to us. Our neighbours have been supportive of the mosque over many decades and we will work with them on this matter too.

The Adhaan was done publicly in a spirit of goodwill, peace, serenity, solace and comfort for the local community. We once again publicly reminded our community to continue praying in their homes whilst the mosque(s) remain closed. We ask everyone to respect this and maintain decorum in any discussions.

For our Muslim community, may you continue to have a blessed Ramadan Kareem. The masjid and everyone at WFIA misses you too, but continue praying at home as you have done since the lock-down. We will continue to follow government guidance once the lock-down eases and looking forward to welcoming you back when it is safe to do so.

For our neighbours and wider community – heartfelt thanks for your continued support. We pray the pandemic is lifted from us globally, and wish everyone stays safe from it.

As we have done before, once again we thank all our keyworkers & careworkers and their families for the sacrifices they have made taking care of us all.

We also thank Waltham Forest Council of Mosques (WFCOM) for organising the public call to prayer, and especially thank Waltham Forest Council for allowing us permission for making the prayer call.

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