Masjid Upgrade Appeal – Any Projects

Masjid Upgrade Appeal – Any Projects

WFIA would really appreciate if you could setup a regular donation to support this appeak.

Please choose ‘Monthly’ for the first option “How often would you like to give?” in the donation form below. جزاك اللهُ خيرً

We have launched this Masjid Upgrade Appeal during the blessed month of Ramadan to improve our facilities for you. We have two specific projects:

Project 1 – New Lift

The current lift has reached it’s end of life. It provides a vital service to allow our mothers, elderly and disabled access the upper floors to complete their ibadah and partipate in programmes and education.

Project 2: New Mortuary & Ambulance

Our mortuary is need of total overhaul including a new freezer which can accommodate upto 6 bodies at any one time.

This pandemic has shown us that we must be more prepared going forward to accept higher numbers of bodies at any one time.0

Along with a new mortuary we also are looking to replace our ageing Ambulance which is no longer ULEZ compliant.

Use this project to donate to a general fund which will be used for either project.

Make this a Sadaqah Jaria for yourself or your loved ones and receive the reward of those that benefit from these facilities.