Türkiye & Syria Earthquake – Emergency Appeal

Please support this emergency appeal to help the victims of the devastating earthquake on Mon 6th Feb 2023 in Türkiye & Syria.

This earthquake is similar to the Great Earthquake of 2005 in Pakistan & Kashmir when 100,000+ were killed, and even more injured.

Türkiye supported Pakistan to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars at the time of the Pakistan earthquake.

Thousands are already confirmed to have died, even more are injured, in this even bigger earthquake in Türkiye & Syria.

The weather is bitterly cold – the victims are living in treacherous conditions outside with limited or no protection.

Our community is rocked to the core at the widespread devastation across the earthquake region. We will also support our Türkiye & Syria brothers and sisters at this tragic time.

We are asking for immediate money donations (online, cash or bank transfer – see poster for details – at this time.

In Sha Allah we will be launching other appeals in due course.