New Salaat Timetable Update

New Salaat Timetable Update

This month we launched a new Salaat Timetable design. We asked for feedback, and pleased we have able to implement the following changes immediately:

You asked for: A darker version to make it easier for some people to read.

We have provided a Black & White version of timetable, alongside the Colour version.

You asked for: Larger Font size for the timings.

We have increased the font size in both the colour and Black & White versions.

You asked for: A PDF version of the timetable for easier printing at home.

We have provided printable PDF options for both Colour and Black & White versions, alonsidge the image versions in both.

All these change requests have already been applied and available for download. Please do use the Feedback link on the Prayer Times page if you have any other suggestions, In Sha Allah.

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