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Lion Of Allah – Sayyiduna Ali Ibn Abi Talib [R.A]








WFIA is proud to present The Ahl Ul Bayt (People of Prophet's Household) series.

Delivered in English it will cover the lives of the greatest and closest people to the Blessed Prophet SAAW.

Their Station with the Messenger of Allah SAAW was enough to grant them paradise.

The Prophet SAAW said,
"Faatima (SA) is a part of me...
"Ali (KW) is my brother....
"Whoever loves Hassan (AS) and Hussain (AS) indeed loves me, and whoever hates these two indeed hates me"

But this did not make them complacent. Their devotion was unshakable, their deeds impeccable, their justice unwavering and their sacrifices legendary.

Don't miss this series about the Famous Five, the Beloved Five, the Pure Five!

Lectures By Shaykh Burhaan Khandia

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