“These Terms & Conditions are under review.” Please refer to the hall administration for further details.


Hall Hire

Please note the following terms and conditions for hire:

  1. A minimum deposit of £200.00 MUST be paid at the time of booking. Bookings will only be confirmed once this deposit has been paid and appropriate paperwork has been completed.
  2. There is a £50 levy on all bookings for cleaning post function. The hirer is still required to leave the Complex in a clean and tidy manor.
  3. The FULL outstanding balance must be paid Twenty One (21) days before the date of the function.
  4. Cancellations made before 21 days will incur a 10% administration charge. Cancellation made within 21 days of the function will incur 100% charge.
  5. A holding deposit (Damage & Cleaning) of £200.00 must be paid Twenty One (21) days before the date of the function. This deposit will be retained if the venue is damaged or left in an untidy manor, or the kitchens have not been cleaned.
  6. The hirer is responsible to keep the hall tidy and clean at all times, all rubbish to be placed outside in the bins. PLEASE NOTE IF THE HALL IS NOT TIDY THEN THE HOLDING DEPOSIT WILL NOT BE RETURNED.
  7. Another holding deposit of £300 for noise and Public Nuisance must be paid at the same time as point 5 above. This means there will be NO playing of the DOHL, drums, bands or any kind of loud music inside or outside the hall under any circumstances during the function. Only low level Nasheeds are allowed inside the hall (Maximum 65 DdB). Please note if this term is broken then WFIA has the right to cancel the function immediately as well as retain the £300 deposit.
  8. The hall must be vacated at the agreed time on the booking form. All functions must be completed by 10.30pm for the complex to be shut at 11pm PROMPT.
  9. WFIA has the full rights to cancel any function for breaking the terms and conditions without giving any notice.
  10. The hirer must ensure that they take responsibility for their guests and ensure that all Health & Safety rules & regulations are followed on site. The Hirer takes full responsibility for the Caterers & any other Event Management personal on Site and will also ensure that they are familiar with all the terms & conditions.
  11. Strictly NO Alcohol allowed on premises.

Kitchen Hire

The kitchen facilities are available for Khatam Sharif and Dua gatherings. This includes use of utensils and washing facilities, with cooking services provided on request. Please contact the Masjid as advanced bookings are required.


For enquiries or to book the hall please call Haji Nazir: 07525 640 100