This Khatam-e-Khwajghan Sharif is extremely potent collection of award (invocations) to attaining the presence of the
heart. A powerful process for making individual or collective dua in congregation to Allah , when faced with any
difficulty and to advance the individual’s spiritual growth.
The words of Khatam-e-Khwajghan is a combination between Arabic and Persian word. The word khatam means seal
and al-khwajghan is derived from singular Persian word alkhawajah meaning master. Thus the combination of Khatame-
Khwajghan signifies the meaning ‘Seal of the Masters’. When performed the Khatam-e-Khwajghan has a collection
of supplications from the Qur’an, ordered and enumerated by the Khwajghan (the Spiritual Masters), to raise the
devotee from the lower realities into the Divine Court to present his/her requests.
The Naqshbandi Masters ritualize Khatam-e-Khwajghan not only for removing the dangers and obtaining goodness but
to obtain by means of all the Masters in order that their supplication to Allah is weighty and favourable. Furthermore,
it establishes a strong union between the disciple’s heart and its Master’s heart. This makes the rites of the Naqshbandi
Order distinctive from the other Orders’ rites.
So, it is concluded with the reading of the sacred Shajrah Sharif, the spiritual chain, a spiritual lineage all the way back
to our Master Sayyidina Rasool’Allah j, and ultimately the connection to our Creator, Allah .



26 February 2021