The Magnificent 7 Ways to Get to Jannah Series

This incredible 7 part series is based on the authentic hadith in which the Holy Messenger ﷺ explains the seven types of people who will be shaded by Allah ﷻ on the Day of Judgment.

This beautiful hadith provides incredible hope to all of us that we have multiple ways to gain Allah ﷻ to shade us and allow us Jannah In Sha Allah.

Every session will explain each type of blessed person and provide practical guidance and personal reflection on how to maximise the chances of you becoming one or more of these seven types of special people.

This series aims to educate and inspire you to integrate these qualities into your personal lives. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn simple yet profound ways to earn Allah’s shade and ultimately the promised reward of His eternal Jannah.

Part 1: The Just Leader

We are all leaders in some way. Learn how to transform your leadership qualities in your personal and professional lives with hope of becoming the first type of blessed group of people that will be shaded by Allah ﷻ.

Part 2: The Young Worshipper

A young person who dedicates their youth to the worship and service of Allah ﷻ, remaining steadfast in their faith despite the distractions and temptations of youth, is the second type of person promised Allah’s ﷻ shade. In this session, Imam Khurram provides practical guidance and explain how you can aspire to be among this blessed group.

Further Episodes will be added here after each livestream

Every Friday Night after Asr Jamaat at 7.30pm

Livestream starts approx. 15-20 min after Asr Jamaat

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