Marriage Matching Service FAQ

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) the MMS Team regularly receives:

Q: How Do I Register for the Marriage Matching Service?

A. Online Registration Form (Preferred)

The easiest way is to complete our online registration form. Once submitted, this will go directly to the WFIA Marriage Matching Service Team (you can also upload your photo and pay online). This is our preferred method and also fastest method of getting your details to us.

B. Printed Registration Form

Download & Print Registration Form [Download Link Coming Soon], complete and return it in a sealed envelope to the secure drop box (enclose photo & fee) located inside the main entrance foyer. Please allow up to 5 days for the form to be processed. If you have difficulty in getting hold of a printed form, please contact our team.

Q: How do I pay the registration fee?

The fee is treated as a donation to the Masjid. In all cases, the fee will be needed before your application can be processed.

A: Online Payment via PayPal (Preferred)

You can make a secure online payment right after you complete your online form. You will be presented with links to complete the online payment at the end of the online registration form.

B: Cash

You can drop your fee into the Mosque in a sealed envelope with your printed application. But we highly recommend you pay ONLINE – see above.

If you are using our secure drop-in box and are including the fee with the application then we will draw a receipt for you and keep it on file and hand over your copy when we first meet e.g. at a future matching event or we can send it your via email or WhatApp as an image.

 You can pay at the Mosque Office to a committee member who can issue you with a receipt.

Please ask first as not all members have access to the receipt book) or alternatively there is a paypal option on our website where you can make payment. If you are coming to the Mosque the best time will be after the Jumu’ah (Friday) prayers – or contact the Marriage Matching team to make an appointment.

For any other method, please contact the Marriage Matching Team at.

Q: What is the management structure of the Marriage Matching Service (MMS) within the Mosque?

There are 25 elected representatives that run the mosque, who are all volunteers (known as committee members). From these only a few have been designated to oversee the work of the Matching Service.

The MMS Team lead is Irfan Akhtar, Assistant Secretary of WFIA. None of the Mosque committe members will be doing any actual matching. The matching work will be done by another group of volunteers, made up entirely of trusted sisters, led by Sister Selva.

The Mosque has a written agreement with these sisters to work on a volunteer basis and within the requirements set out by the Mosque.

The Mosque, namely WFIA, is responsible for all data passing through this service and therefore keeps all records securely (and paper copies locked away on the premises). Mosque Committee members will not have access to any personal data – this will reside within the MMS Team only.

Q: How does the Marriage Matching service work?

Once you have registered for the service we will add your application to our secure database managed and accessed only by WFIA MMS team. We will use your spouse criteria to help us filter suitable matches and also check you match their criteria i.e. both ways. By using this two-way matching condition ensures that your profile (without your personal information) is only viewed by those relevant individuals that you yourself will be interested in and not open to anyone else who has simply registered with the service. Please ensure that spouse criteria and introduction is fully answered as this is key to us assisting you in your search.

Appointments will then be made accordingly for you to come and review these, or if you can’t come in e.g. distance is an issue, then we will contact both parties over the phone and get agreement to release details.

Note, as we are starting this service from scratch there will be an initial period where we are building up the database during which we will not be doing any matching. We expect the first matches to made in the New Year inshaaAllah.

Q: How will my personal information & photo be used?

We will hold all photos and applications securely in paper form. For those that submit their application online, via our website, we will download your personal information, print it and then delete it from the server. Although the data we store is not of real interest to potential hackers we are still taking this extra step to minimise the risk of personal details, including any photos, being accessed without the required security permissions. Full profiles (paper copy) will be made available to potential spouses at the Mosque in supervised sessions by appointment.

Any instances where we need to send your profile to registered members will only be done by omitting all personal information i.e. section 1 of the form and photo. If a profile is identified as a match both ways (each applicants criteria matches the other) the applicant will be called to the Mosque and only then will a photo be shown and contact details provided.

Please note for security reasons we will not email photos out to either party and therefore if you are registering from outside of London you will need to take contact details of potential match and request a photo from them directly or simply arrange a meeting.

Q: What happens when we find a suitable spouse?

The WFIA Marriage Matching team will contact both parties and inform them of the match, so that the parties know this is a genuine case from WFIA and not someone “cold calling”. However, beyond this it is up to the families to take the process further between themselves. WFIA Marriage Matching Service will not get involved or act as an introducer/mediator between the two families.

WFIA strongly recommends that when families meet they should VERIFY the information given about the potential spouse, as in most cases we have taken the information on trust and have not verified it ourselves. This is a major life decision and so we request all to remain vigilant and not to take the information for granted. Things like nationality and visa status must be confirmed. If you would like our help to verify any of the information please get in touch, but remember this DOES NOT happen automatically.

Q: What should I do if I want to put spouse criteria down that is not listed on the form?

You can list any extra requirements you may have in the “Message for WFIA MMS Team” free text field in section 5 – this section will not be shared with potential matches.

Q: What if I don’t have a BRITISH PASSPORT?

This service is only for UK residents. For those that live in this country but are not permanent, must state very clearly what their legal residential and/or visa status is.

If you cannot prove your legal status to stay in the UK, including those that have their paperwork “with the home office”, you will not be allowed to apply for this service.

There is no point wasting anyone’s time by omitting or falsifying this information. This information will be checked at some point and anyone trying to deceive will be reported to the police and home office. Please remember our aim is to help our local community over difficulties in marriage matters.

Q: Can I Register from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or other Countries

Our overriding objectives are to help facilitate potential marriages for our local community. As above, you can only register if you are British or have a right to live in the UK. We cannot help anyone overseas with finding a UK passport holding partner – your application will be rejected. We will at all times abide by UK law.

Q: Can I Register From Outside London?

Although our primary aim is to help our local community around the Mosque with finding potential partners,  we are happy to accept registrations from anywhere in the UK – so long as you are British or have a legal right to live in the UK as mentioned above.  You and your potential matches will need to confirm if distance will work for you.

Q: WFIA MMS Guarantee

This service has been set up to serve the community and help people fulfil the Sunnah of the Beloved Messenger ﷺ. This service is staffed entirely by volunteers dedicated to finding your a life partner. The is not a profit-making service (the full fee is donated to the Mosque). We guarantee to do our utmost and make every effort inshaaAllah to help you find a suitable spouse.

You must notify WFIA Marriage Matching Service once you have successfully found a spouse so that we can remove your details from our database.

Q: Can I talk to someone before or after I register?

Yes, absolutely via email or directly our MMS team leads (WhatsApp or Text Messages Preferred):

★ Brother Irfan: 07476 315220
★ Sister Selva: 07904 318 877