Moonsighting Reports moonsighting reports FOR 1442 AH DUA More Reports HOME Moonsighting Home Timelapse - Leyton moonsighting reports & resouRces revive a sunnah WFIA METHOD WFIA REPORTS training resources contact Timelapse - Northala Did you know? Moonsighting Dua Did You Know? did you know? it is possible to see the new crescent moon somewhere in the uk regularly Contact Reports HOME WFIA & GROUPS ACROSS THE UK LOOK FOR THE NEW CRESCENT EVERY MONTH CAN YOU SPOT THE NEW CRESCENT IN THIS PICTURE TAKEN IN LEYTON BY WFIA? Revive A Sunnah HOME WFIA works closely with mosques and organisations locally & nationally to revive the sunnah of naked eye moonsightings in the UK after 29 days of an Islamic month have been completed. This method was taught by the Holy Messenger صلى الله عليه وآله وصحبه وسلم himself, followed by the Sahabah رضی اللہ عنھم and by all generations since. We attempt our own sightings and for transparency our moonsighting reports are available below. We ask all mosques to do their own sightings and publish their moonsighting reports publicly too. If you need help to get started, please contact us. Contact Reports TIMELAPSE leyton LONDON HOME There is something mesmerising about the moon. This short timelapse in Leyton, by WFIA, shows the moon setting over a 40 minute period. Alhamdulillah, watching the moon set is such a serene and captivating experience. WFIA Method WFIA Method HOME Our ambition is for all groups to rely on UK only sightings. Until this is possible, and great progress is being made, we will continue to rely on local UK sightings and defer mainly to Morocco if needed. Morocco has a reliable moonsighting system stretching over decades – the sort of system we aspire to develop in the UK. We pray for the day when all mosques of every denomination can return to this beautiful sunnah to unite the community in this country on a UK based Islamic calendar based on local naked eye sightings in the UK only. In the meantime, we ask all mosques observe their own local moonsighting's every month and help work towards uniting the community on this blessed sunnah. Reports Contact
Moonsighting Dua Contact Reports HOME Moonsighting Training HOW TO sight THE NEW CRESCENT MOON COURTESY OF NEW CRESCENT SOCIETY HOME Reports Contact resources Moon Watch Website Looking for the new crescent is an ancient muslim tradition, a sunnah of the Holy Messenger صلى الله عليه وآله وصحبه وسلم. Anyone can do it as we explain in these pages. HOME Contact Reports moonsighting Observatory Reports Recommend a Resource timelapse NORTHALA FIELDS london home THIS WONDERFUL TIMELAPSE SHOWS THE CRESCENT MOON SETTING IN NORTHALA FIELDS WEST LONDON. MOONSIGHTING IS INCREDIBLY FASCINATING AND A FUN FAMILY ACTIVITY TOO. CHILDREN LOVE IT AND ARE OFTEN BETTER THAN ADULTS. TRY IT SOMETIME IN SHA ALLAH. Contact GET IN TOUCH AND Looking for the new crescent moon is a noble act of following, and reviving, a glorious sunnah of the Holy Messenger صلى الله عليه وآله وصحبه وسلم.

Whether you are an individual, group or mosque - what is stopping you from doing this virtuous act and help unite our community in the UK?

We work with groups across the UK and stand ready to help you & connect you to a group local to you In Sha Allah.

For help, to report an issue or request an addition on these pages , please contact us.
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