Muharram 1442 AH Boxset

Imam Nizaal explains, in English, the momentous, gut-wrenching and tragic events of Karbala, answeringmany questions, including:

  • Who was Imam Hussain (AS)?
  • When did the events happen?
  • What stand did he take and why?
  • Why was he martyred?
  • Who martyred him?
  • What are the lessons for us from this tragedy?

The videos in this boxset are:

  • Muharram Series EP1 – Virtues Of The Month & Virtues Of The Ahl-ul-Bayt
  • Muharram Series EP2 – The Wafaat (Martyrdom) Of Sayyiduna Ali [AS] and includes commentary on Hazrat Uthman [RA] & Sayyiduna Hassan [AS]
  • Muharram Series EP3 – Incident Of Karbala – Part 1
  • Muharram Series EP4 – Incident Of Karbala – Part 2
  • Muharram Series EP5 – Incident Of Karbala – Part 3
  • Muharram Series EP6 – Incident Of Karbala – Part 4
  • Muharram Series EP7 – Incident Of Karbala – Part 5a
  • Muharram Series EP7 – Incident Of Karbala – Part 5b
  • Muharram Series EP8 – The Shahaadat (Martyrdom) Of Imam Hussain (AS)

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