Seerah Nights – Major New Series Every Friday

🌟 Seerah Nights – Biography Of The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 🌟

As-Salamu Alaykum dear brothers and sisters! We’re thrilled to invite you to our sacred and enlightening Islamic program, “Seerah Nights” where we will delve into the blessed life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, learn how to become better Muslims, and grow in proximity to the Beloved Prophet of Allah ﷺ.

🌙 Series 1: Early Life & Prophethood
Embark on a spiritual journey as we explore the noble character and miraculous beginnings of the Prophet’s ﷺ mission.

🖋️ Taught by: Shaykh Amin Abdi Rahman Mohamed. Experience the wisdom of Shaykh Amin, who has dedicated over 6 years to studying under the revered traditional scholars of Yemen and specializes in the Seerah ﷺ.

👥 All Welcome:
Brothers and sisters are warmly invited to join us in unity and learning.

📍 Venue:
439-451 Lea Bridge Road
E10 7EA

⏰ Time:
Every Friday after Asr Prayers (7PM)

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to deepen your faith and knowledge of the Prophet’s ﷺ life. We eagerly await your presence, Insha’Allah! 🌹

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