WFIA Madrassa Online Help Desk (During the Coronavirus Emergency)

السلم علىکم ورحمه ال‍له وٮرکٮه

In The Name Of Allah ﷻ The Most Gracious The Most Merciful, May The Peace & Blessings Be On The Holy Messenger ﷺ & His Noble Family

The suspension of the Masjid due to the coronavirus emergency has unfortunately disrupted Madrassa classes.

Alhamdulillah, Madrassa classes will continue online using the secure Zoom Meeting app, so your child can continue attending classes from home.

Zoom can be used on Windows or Apple devices (PC’s, Laptops, Tablets or Mobile Phone, ensuring parents can use their existing devices to join the online classes to connect teachers with children.

Please use the buttons on the right to set up and use Zoom for the online classes or if you need any help / reporting any problems.

Finally, to ensure the online safety & security of all Madrassa Children, please do not share any information you receive about the Madrassa Online with anyone. This information is restricted to Madrassa teachers & admins, parents and children only.

Qari Muhammad Bilal (Madrassa Headteacher)