Shab-e-Barat 15th Night of Shaban Programme

Join us for another special programme of beautiful Qur’an Recitations, Naats, insightful talks & stories in Urdu and English about Shab-e-Barat – the Night of Forgiveness.

The Holy Messenger ﷺ said that on this night, Allah ﷻ asks His servants, ′Is there anyone seeking forgiveness from Me so that I may forgive him? Is there anyone seeking provision from Me so I may provide for him? Is there anyone suffering so I may relieve his suffering?′ (Ibn Majah)

This applies to all of us so please spend the night in prayers anywhere, but especially join us in the masjid In Sha Allah.

Brothers & Sisters All Welcome – Food will be served.

🕑 Date:
Tue 7th Mar 2023 – 8.00 pm (after Isha)

🕌 Venue:
WFIA Jamia Masjid Ghousia
439-451 Lea Bridge Rd, London E10 7EA

📹 Watch Live: