[Sisters] The Importance of Dhul-Hijjah

🕋 Join us for an inspiring Sisters Only programme about “The Importance of Dhul-Hijjah”.

🕋 Sister Mariam will delve into the profound significance of the best ten holiest days of the year.

🕋 Discover how this blessed month offers unparalleled opportunities for spiritual growth, reflection, and drawing closer to Allah.

🕋 Explore the virtues of fasting, prayer, dhikr, duas and charity during Dhul-Hijjah.

🕋 This session promises to enrich your faith, empower your ibadah, and deepen your understanding of how to make the most of these sacred days.

🕋 Don’t miss this chance to connect with fellow Sisters and enhance your spiritual journey together!

🕑 Date & Time:

Sun 2nd Jun 2024 from 2pm
After Zohr prayers at 1.30pm

🕌 Venue:
WFIA Jamia Masjid Ghousia
439-451 Lea Bridge Rd, London E10 7EA

📍 Location:

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