The Three Sacred Harams – 3 Part Series

🌟 The Three Sacred Harams 🌟

  • Makkah 🕋
  • Madinah 🕌
  • Masjid Al-Aqsa 🇵🇸

Enlightening 3 Week Program.

The Holy Prophet ﷺ said, “Do not undertake a religious journey but to three mosques: the Sacred Mosque in Mecca, the Mosque of the Messenger of Allah, and the Furthest Mosque in Jerusalem.” [Bukhari]

🖋️ Taught by: Imam Khurram Rafiq

👥 All Welcome:
Brothers and sisters are warmly invited to join us in unity and learning.

📍 Venue:
439-451 Lea Bridge Road
E10 7EA

⏰ Time:
Part 1
– Fri 10th November after Isha Prayers (7:30PM)
Part 2 – Fri 17th November after Isha Prayers (7:30PM)
Part 3 – Sat 25th November after Isha Prayers (7:30PM)

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to deepen your knowledge or the sacred Harams. We eagerly await your presence, Insha’Allah! 🌹

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