Youth Projects & Events

Youth Projects & Events


Contribute to your future!

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of engaging the youth.

Our volunteer team is actively managing youth events in English both online and at the masjid (including sisters programmes), all aspects of our website, a new mobile app on Android & IOS, all aspects of masjid IT & technology matters, social media engagement and online donations / gift aid.

This team has taken the masjid is new directions and made the masjid more accessible than ever before. Recent historical events have included the Palestinian Ambassador and Shaykh Asrar Rashid’s Islam Answers Atheism lecture.

There are many other programmes and projects the youth team can initiate with your support, including more programmes for madrassah students and teenagers who are not students at the madrassah.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please leave a your feedback in the comment box when making a donation.