[Event] Islam Answers Atheism – 11 Sep 2021

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Non-Muslim Accepts Islam at the Lecture

The buzz from the lecture was tremendous. As the audience was greeting Shaykh Asrar at the end of the lecture, a non-Muslim in attendance stepped forward and told Shaykh Asrar he wanted to accept Islam. Shaykh Asrar duly obliged with the Shahadah (the Muslim declaration of faith). Cries of Allahu Akbar (God is Great) reverberated around the masjid as the excited audience welcomed the brother to Islam and shook hands and hugged him.

In our efforts to safeguard the faith our community, in particular the young, Allah SWT guided a non-Muslim to accept Islam of his own free will – SubhanAllah – Allahu Akbar.

We welcome the brother with open arms. We ask Allah SWT to forgive him, have mercy on him, guide him, guard him against harm and provide him with sustenance and salvation. Ameen.

Watch the video of Brother Nanda accepting Islam.

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Shaykh Asrar Rashid, a distinguished young scholar, academic and theologian, takes on the debate about whether God exists in his acclaimed book “Islam Answers Atheism”.

This seminar is part of a nationwide tour covering the East London, and surrounding areas.

This is a must attend lecture if you ever had any doubts about your faith, want to learn more to counter atheists or want your own questions answered about this critical topic.